…To the Grumpy Buddhist!
A simple blog that hopes to entice laughter, thought and possibly conversation. I’ve worked hard to be this grumpy and snarky so it’s time to put it to work.

I’ve divided up my blog entries into two areas:

  • The River – A place of short posts and thoughts that should be under a 10 minute read. Many bends and twists to this river of conscience.
  • The Sea – A place for longer posts. What I hope to be the true, meatier posts I’ll be making. Some poetry. Some longer stories. Just about anything. I’m not sure I even understand the depth of the sea.

I’ve also included a photo gallery for those of you more into the visual arts. Most of the photography is mine but I also host other photographers work as well.

However you choose to enjoy this site, feel free to do so. Comments are welcome. All I ask, is to be kind. You can disagree with what is placed here but please do so in a respectful way. I try to not be closed minded here at the GB, but I do have my limits to rudeness. Ask yourself this question before you comment, “would I talk to my mother like that”?